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Size:68 inches

Brand: PuraFlame

Product Model: Alice

Material: Metal, Tempered Glass

Input Voltage and Frequency: 110V, 60Hz

Flame Colors: 4 settings (yellow with a little bit blue low brightness, yellow, yellow with a little bit blue brightness, blue)

Ember Bed Colors: total 14 settings, 13 colors and a color-cycle setting

Approval: CSA approved

Warranty: 1 year

Include: firebox(1), glass panel(1), remote control(1), owner¡ˉs manual(1), crystal stones set(1), log set(1)

Note: Please read the instruction manual very carefully, should you have any questions upon the product before or after purchase, please contact our customer service phone call or through email.

Product Description

INSTALLATION: In-wall recessed installation, a perfect fit for 2 X 6" wall. Flush mounted. Two electrical connections: Plug-in or Hard-wiring. Just plug in 110V outlet and enjoy

REALISTIC FLAME EFFECT: Ultra High Intensity LED lights provide very bright and realistic flame effect. Two options for ember bed: Log set or crystal stones to suit your need. Total 4 different flame settings cater to your desired ambience (1. Yellow with a little bit blue low brightness 2. All yellow brightness 3. Yellow with a little bit blue brightness 4. All blue brightness). The flame effect can be operated with or without heat for year-round ambience

HEATER: Upper front heater blower (vent at the top). Two heat settings (high 1500W and low 750W) can heat up to 400 square feet room quite nicely. The thermostat can control the room temperature from 61¨H to 82¨H to suit the user¡ˉs preference. The countdown timer can be set to turn off the fireplace from 30 minutes to 9 hours

MODERN HOME D?COR: The fireplace brings relaxation and comfort into the home, it is ideal for family room, bedroom or anywhere supplemental heat and ambiance is needed. Touch screen buttons enable a unique user experience

Product Details
Customer Reviewslink to amazon

We love our fireplace. The flame looks awesome as well as the rocks. I love how you can change all the colors and you have a lot of options. I really don’t see how any more expensive unit could be any better than this. It puts out a good amount of heat too. Our furnace went out on our motorhome for a week and this kept us warm through the night until I fixed the furnace. It wasn’t freezing outside but it was in the 40’s. Highly recommend this fireplace!

FAQ-Frequently asked questions
Why does the fan blow before the heat comes on, and after the appliance is turned off?
Heat and cool gradually. The fan blows when the appliance is first turned on, and the heat is still heating up. After the appliance turns off, the fan will continue to blow air for 8 seconds. This allows the fireplace to cool slowly, and helps prevent overheating.

What does the fireplace beep? Can I turn the beeping off?

The beeps indicate that the signal from the control panel, or remote control has been received by the fireplace. The beeping cannot be turned off.

Why doesn’t the fireplace function change when remote control setting changes?

It is probably because the remote control does not aim at the indication light. Aims at the remote receiver, try again.

Why does the remote control not work, or only work sometimes?

Check to make sure the batteries are good. If necessary, change to new batteries. If the remote control is not aimed properly, if you are too far away, or if you are too far off to the side, the signal may not reach the fireplace. Get closer, aim at the upper right corner of the screen (where the red heat indicator light is located), and try again.

How do I change from high heat to low appliance?

The appliance is controlled by the appliance button on the control panel, or the appliance and temp buttons on the remote control.

Is the thermostat setting accurate?

The temperature within a room can vary. Room size, fireplace location, air flow, sunlight, wall type (interior vs. exterior), insulation, etc. all affect temperature. The fireplace setting may not match your home thermostat exactly. This is normal. Try different thermostat setting on your fireplace until you find one that is right for you

Can you have flames only for ambiance without heat?

Yes. The flame effect can be switched on and off without the need to start the heater so a pleasing effect can be enjoyed even when heat is not required, in the summer for example.

Does this fireplace come with logs, rocks, and crystals?

Yes. It comes with two different fuel bed options, one is crystal ice glass effect and the other option is log effect. Please refer to page 8 part 5.5a and 5.5b for more details.

Would this be fully recessed in the wall?

Yes. Take model EF173B as an example. Prepare a wall with a framed opening of 44 5/16” (1125mm) wide × 18 1/8” (460mm) high. Please refer to the assembly methods on page 6 for the detailed dimensions of the recessed walls of each model.

Does this have a full glass front cover?

Yes. It has a full glass front cover with middle fire part transparent. Please refer to the PRODUCT DIMENSION on page 5 for the detailed dimensions of the glass of each model.

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