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PuraFlame Provo Black 36 inch remote control portable & wall mounted flat panel fireplace heater, 1350W.

Far-infrared heater, heating evenly. Large flame viewing area, Front air outlet design. Anti-scald air outlet

cellular flocked net design. Anti-drying, keep indoor humidity.

Portable & Wall mounted infrared flat panel electric fireplace. Tabletop floorstand or wall mounted brackets included.

Thermostat automatically turns the heater on and off to maintain the room temperature from 60H to 84H. The timer turns off the fireplace at the set time, from 0.5 hours to 9.0 hours.

The LED backlights turn on in alternating 13 multi-color mode. LED flame brightness cycles through 3 levels.

LCD display remote control can easily operate the fireplace as you want. (two AAA Batteries included)

1350W infrared heater. Supplemental heat for up to 400 sq.ft. Dimensions: 35.4'' L 5.5'' W 16.4'' H. One year Warranty.

Product Description
PuraFlame Provo Portable and Wall mounted infrared flat panel fireplace heater is energy-saving, beautiful and elegant black flat glass heater with multi-function LCD remote control.
Two modes can be options: Wall-Hanging Mode and Free-Standing Mode.
Realistic flame effect with variable intensity and brightness can be used without heat. This makes it perfect for lighted decorative glass fuel effect.
The LED backlights include individual and alternating 13 multi-colors combinations. Cycle through each of the LED backlight color options.
No Gas No Oil needed, and No Smoke damage.
Quiet air outlet is at the bottom of the fireplace, 1350W infrared heater for rooms up to 400 square feet.
Control panel ON/OFF switch must be ON to use remote control.
The Power cord is lengthened to 1.8 meters.
Easy to use, install and uninstall.
One year Warranty.
Product Details

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on November 12, 2014
I recommend this fireplace, it's really suitable for use in winter. After receiving the product, I spent about half an hour to complete the installation according to the user manual. Just because of the detailed user manual, I installed it with no hassle. LED light with 3D Fire effect is extremely cool. You can only open the flame effect without having to turn on the heating function. Thus I can appreciate the flame and save the energy at the same time, what a great design indeed!
on January 9, 2015
Bought it for a lighting touch in kitchen/dining area, but it also puts out great heat & the heater has a soothing sound. The flame is pretty realistic, wish it came with more glass pieces for the front tray. The color changing backlight is fun or set it on one color for whatever mood your in or have no backlight at all. The beeping sound is a little loud for when you choose options on the remote, would be nice to have the option to mute. Everyone who sees it wants one!!!
on January 21, 2015
This is an absolutely fabulous device. It's beautiful and puts out some heat. The best feature is the option to run with or without heat. If you like the flames, you can still watch them without added heat. There is also a backlight that cycles through different colors although you can turn that off as well. Finally, it is operated via remote control. All in all, exactly what I was looking for and more.
on February 26, 2015
awesome. don't be fooled by the review about the red light being visible. it shuts off after 10 seconds. its a visual cue you changed the fan speed or turned the heat on. no big deal. flames look great.
on December 28, 2014
Wonderful! Easy to set up. Great for the price.
on November 22, 2014
Excellent product ! Easy to hang ! Adds lots of ambience to my entertainment center ! Only one thing is that the flames are lower then expected .
on January 7, 2015
perfect gift
FAQ-Frequently asked questions

l Why does the fan blow before the heat comes on, and after the heater is turned off?

Heat and cool gradually. The fan blows when the heater is first turned on, and the heat is still heating up. After the heater turns off, the fan will continue to blow air for 10 seconds. This allows the fireplace to cool slowly, and helps prevent overheating.

l What does the fireplace beep? Can I turn the beeping off?

The beeps indicate that the signal from the control panel, or remote control, has been received by the fireplace. The beeping cannot be turned off.

l Why doesnt the fireplace function change when remote control setting changes?

The fireplace function will only change if there is a beep after pressing the button. If you do not hear a beep, try again. If you hear a beep, the fireplace function will change to match the remote control setting. For example, if the heat is on, but the remote control screen reads off, press the heater button again. The heat symbol will display. Both are now on. Press the button again, and wait for the beep. The heater and the heat symbol will both turn off.

l Why does the remote control not work, or only work sometimes?

Check to make sure the batteries are good. If necessary, change to new batteries. If the remote control is not aimed properly, if you are too far away, or if you are too far off to the side, the signal may not reach the fireplace. Get closer, aim at the upper right corner of the screen (where the red heat indicator light is located), and try again.

l How do I change from high heat to low heater?

There is no high heat, or low heat. The heater is controlled by the heater button on the control panel, or the heater and temp buttons on the remote control.

l Is the thermostat setting accurate?

The temperature within a room can vary. Room size, fireplace location, air flow, sunlight, wall type (interior vs. exterior), insulation, etc. all affect temperature. The fireplace setting may not match your home thermostat exactly. This is normal. Try different thermostat setting on your fireplace until you find one that is right for you.

l How do I turn off the LED backlights?

The backlights turn on with the flame effect, and can only be turned off with the remote control.

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