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PuraFlame 36 Inches RICHFLAME Celia Series, Portable or Wall Mounted, Flat Panel Electric Fireplace with Remote,1350W, Black. Fan

heater, heating evenly. Large flame viewing area, Two air outlet design.

Portable & Wall mounted electric fireplace heater. Tabletop floorstand or wall mounted brackets included.

Thermostat automatically turns the heater on and off to maintain the room temperature from 60H to 84H. The timer turns off the fireplace at the set time, from 0.5 hours to 9.0 hours.

The LED backlights turn on in alternating 13 multi-color mode. LED flame brightness cycles through 3 levels.

LCD display remote control can easily operate the fireplace as you want. (two AAA Batteries included)

1350W fan heater. Supplemental heat for up to 400 sq.ft. Dimensions: 35.4'' L 4.7'' W 17'' H. One year Warranty.

Product Description
PuraFlame Celia Portable and Wall mounted flat panel fireplace heater is energy-saving, beautiful and elegant black flat glass heater with multi-function LCD remote control.
Two modes can be options: Wall-Hanging Mode and Free-Standing Mode.
Realistic flame effect with variable intensity and brightness can be used without heat. This makes it perfect for lighted decorative glass fuel effect.
The LED backlights include individual and alternating 13 multi-colors combinations. Cycle through each of the LED backlight color options.
No Gas No Oil needed, and No Smoke damage.
Quiet air outlet is at the bottom of the fireplace, 1350W fan heater for rooms up to 400 square feet.
Control panel ON/OFF switch must be ON to use remote control.
The Power cord is lengthened to 1.8 meters.
Easy to use, install and uninstall.
One year Warranty.
Product Details

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on October 23, 2014
Ive started using a standardized form of review. Feel free to use this format for your reviews...

The unit is very well packaged. Small parts are in bags in separate boxes inside the main box, and the glass front is well wrapped. Everything arrived in excellent condition. The manual can easily get lost in the box.

Set-up / Installation:
The unit comes can be either set up on a pedestal or wall-mounted. All the hardware is included for wall mounting on a sheetrock wall. The unit itself is 35 3/8 wide, but the manual says you need 2 clearance on each side, for a total width of just less than 40. This was something I hadnt counted on, so for now, I am using the pedestal. Dont just open all the packages: everything is packed based on how you want to install. Read the manual first and then only open the boxes you need based on your installation method. Youll need a Phillips screwdriver. The manual is easy to follow, illustrated, and in proper English (not Chinglish), for which I give extra kudos (although there were a few minor typos).

Used With:
I work at home in an upstairs office. Our main heating source is a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace, but thats downstairs, and in our old house, not all the heat comes upstairs. With this electric fireplace, I can heat just my office upstairs instead of all the upstairs rooms.

Build Quality:
The build quality appears very good. The main box is sturdy metal, the glass front is nice and thick, and the pedestal is nicely covered metal. The only plastic part is the pedestal cover, which simply snaps into place. There were no scratches, nicks or dings.

Look / Feel / Sound:
First of all, remember that this is basically just an electric fan heater with a fireplace display. This will never look like a real fire, no matter how well its done. That said, its a pretty nice looking unit. You add glass chunks that will, once turned on, look like burning coals (somewhat). There are also LED strips on the left and right side of the unit. These can be set to one of about a dozen different colors, slowly go through all colors, or be off. Unfortunately, the unit doesnt remember the setting, so when you turn the unit off and back on, it will always start with going through all colors. It would have been better if it remembered the last setting when you turn it on. Also, note that you cant select white backlight. Theres a minor hum from the motor that generates the flame effect, and of course theres some noise when the heating fan comes on, but its very tolerable (about the same as a newer refrigerator compressor)

There are an on/off switch, a heat button, and a light button on the right side of the unit. Theres also a remote control with a small display showing the temperature, light level, heat setting, and timer. Batteries for the remote are included. These controls are very straightforward. Most are cycle-style -- press multiple times to increase or return to the first setting. The fireplace beeps to acknowledge receiving the command, which cant be turned off and could be loud in a quiet room. Note that the temperature can only be adjusted in 2-degree increments. You can pick either 70 or 72 degrees, but not 71.

The fireplace has four different backlight levels for the fake flames and colored backlight. The flame color is not adjustable, but its the right color as it is. Theres no sound, which is fine with me. Theres only one level for the heating fan, but the temperature can be adjusted (see Controls). The backlight level is not adjustable in intensity. The reason I picked this model was because of the thermostat C I can set the temperature I want (within 2 degrees) and forget about it. I actually also like the timer feature, something I didnt think I wanted.

Eco Impact:
There is some Styrofoam in the packaging, which is very unfortunate, as it could have been done with recyclable cardboard. This unit can save you money, -if- you use it right. In this case, it will be efficient if you use zoned heating: use this electric fireplace to turn down the heat in the rest of the home. The thermostat and timer also help. The lighting appears to be all LED, which is very efficient. This heater is rated for 1,350 Watts, whereas many other heaters are rated at 1,500. That doesnt make much of a difference. The heater is designed to heat up to 400 square feet. Keep in mind that electricity is still the least efficient method of heating, so this should be used only as supplemental heat C something indicated in the manual as well.

Ive only had this unit for a day so I cant yet comment on durability. I will update this in the future.

Ive seen a similar model C although with sound C at a big-box store for $249, so the price was right. With zoned heating, I was able to turn down the heat in the other rooms by 2 degrees. I hope to be able to earn back the investment over two winters, but it depends on how well the unit performs and the outside temperatures. Overall, I felt it was an excellent price for what I got.

Bottom line:
Im glad I got this unit. It will make my home office more comfortable, it has some nice looks, its reasonably easy to operate (it would have been perfect if it remembered the backlight setting), and it heats very quickly. Ive only had it for a day and its not very cold out yet, so I will likely be updating this review in a few months. I wanted to post a review because when I purchased it, there werent any. I took a bit of a gamble (I prefer buying products with multiple reviews), but Im glad I did it. Im very pleased.
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on November 3, 2014
I just received the fireplace today. It arrived one day ahead of schedule and was very well packaged so even though the box was torn in a few places, the unit was undamaged. The item appears very sturdy with solid materials and well put together.
The instructions were clear and the boxes with different parts clearly labeled. I set it up with the stand (instead of wall mount) and it was easily done without any help. The instructions do however suggest to have two people when adding the front glass panel. It took me about 30 minutes including getting the package inside until I had everything put together.
The unit can be run with the heater on or off. The flame has four different settings, all of which are very real. There is a timer for the unit to allow it to switch off automatically after a certain time. The lights in the back can either rotate through different lights, select a steady color or be switched off. The power switch on the side must be turned to 'on' and only then can the unit be switched on via the remote (in other words, the remote appears to be needed to switch the unit on). I am looking forward to wonderful ambiance throughout the winter.
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on December 27, 2014
This fireplace is BEAUTIFUL!!! Honestly, I really am amazed. The ambiance is wonderful and adds such a great feeling to any room. It is great for color therapy also, and calming. It was very easy to put together, as long as you don't let the directions totally throw you off.
Those glass rocks...they really are an enhancement to the whole thing. I'm pretty hard on products, making sure they are as advertised. This is exactly like the picture!! So worth it! I feel like I got a major steal, because it really made our livingroom another room altogether. Buy it now! (Was a Christmas gift for the hubby)
review image
on December 17, 2014
When my PuraFlame Galena Black 36 inch remote control portable and wall mounted flat panel fireplace heater arrived, I truely thought it would be damaged when I opened it. The packaging it came in was torn with big hole's in it, as well as being all crumbled in. I almost decided to have it picked back up and returned and not even open it. Packaging for this was terrible. But I decided to go ahead and open it, and hope for the best for the heater inside. There was the original packing of the heater inside the outer damaged box, but did not have anything anchoring it to keep it from being bumped around during shipping. I would have given this a rating of the lowest just for the way this was shipped, but decided to open the original package and see how the fireplace heater survived shipping in such a way. I read the instructions which was fairly detailed and understandable two times before attempting to even put it together. Going step by step, it was pretty easy to get assembled. I let it sit over 24 hours within the room I was placing it in before connecting it to power and trying it out. Then I used only the flame for a few days. The settings weren't hard to understand, and I loved the fireplace effect it made in the room with no background lights on. After a couple of days I tried the heater to see how it would do. It doesn't blow the air out as I thought it would, but I do feel the warm effect it gives off in the room. All in all, after surviving the shipping in the badly packaged box, I decided to keep it instead of returning for exchange. I hope I made the right decision on that. So far when I have turned it on it has worked like it was described to do. I like the flame's within it best, I think they look almost real. I'd recommend the heater, but would check first to let them know you want it secure in the package they send it in. Again, the heater seems ok, but unless they change the way they package their products for shipping, I wouldn't order from them again.
on November 12, 2014
Absolutely love this product. We have one in our bedroom and the look of the fire is so nice (you can change the flames) and the LED is great. Gets our master bedroom and bathroom super warm cutting down costs in the rest of our home. Just ordered another for our living room as this one is so nice and give a nice cozy feeling in the room while relaxing or watching tv. Highly recommend.
on December 31, 2014
I love this unit. I have avoided buying these electric fireplace units as I thought they would look too "cheesy." I am sure some are. But this company managed to design the artificial flame with the glass rocks to produce a nice, pleasing effect. Has every feature I wanted. Remote is huge plus and easy to use. The heater doesn't blow. It is a subtle heat that slowly warms up the room. I have only one negative comment. The glass rocks were in a bag and some of the little tiny pieces were all over the rug after set up. They must have leaked from the bag somehow. I noticed and quickly vacuumed them up. I would suggest packaging the rocks in something a little sturdier than a plastic bag. The other packaging was well done and instructions were easy.
on January 20, 2015
Above my expectation! It gives my bedroom the warm cozy romantic feel I was looking gorgeous and the remote control settings allow me to personalize the desired room temperature, different color spectrum of side led lights, degree/height of real-effect flame.. what I love most about this electric fireplace is the slimline design. Looks & function like a much more expensive high end unit. The ease of assembly(wall-mount) & the cut glass flame bed have won my warm heart! Will order another for the living room next. It has helped yo keep my Winter heat bill down considerably. Energy efficiency is why I bought it in the beginning.
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on November 9, 2014
received on time and it is quiet and can heat a 12 x 17 basement room perfect
on January 11, 2015
item came packaged very nicely. it was easy to open and assemble. the size is perfect for the wall mount placement I have. the flame colorings and motions are quite realistic! the flame ,heat and led ambiance light all have separate control buttons and work perfect as described. best of all it has an actual thermostat button that progresses in two degree increments and shuts off at temp. all other reviews were helpful when deciding to purchase this model. it was also the only one to displace heat out of the bottom of the heater.
on January 11, 2015
I am extremely pleased with this purchase. This looks great in my cabin and there are so many features it is incredible. Backlighting makes room glow very elegantly. Just got it installed this weekend and love it! Price point is better than any hanging electric fireplace with a thermostat currently on the market!
FAQ-Frequently asked questions

l Why does the fan blow before the heat comes on, and after the heater is turned off?

Heat and cool gradually. The fan blows when the heater is first turned on, and the heat is still heating up. After the heater turns off, the fan will continue to blow air for 10 seconds. This allows the fireplace to cool slowly, and helps prevent overheating.

l What does the fireplace beep? Can I turn the beeping off?

The beeps indicate that the signal from the control panel, or remote control, has been received by the fireplace. The beeping cannot be turned off.

l Why doesnt the fireplace function change when remote control setting changes?

The fireplace function will only change if there is a beep after pressing the button. If you do not hear a beep, try again. If you hear a beep, the fireplace function will change to match the remote control setting. For example, if the heat is on, but the remote control screen reads off, press the heater button again. The heat symbol will display. Both are now on. Press the button again, and wait for the beep. The heater and the heat symbol will both turn off.

l Why does the remote control not work, or only work sometimes?

Check to make sure the batteries are good. If necessary, change to new batteries. If the remote control is not aimed properly, if you are too far away, or if you are too far off to the side, the signal may not reach the fireplace. Get closer, aim at the upper right corner of the screen (where the red heat indicator light is located), and try again.

l How do I change from high heat to low heater?

There is no high heat, or low heat. The heater is controlled by the heater button on the control panel, or the heater and temp buttons on the remote control.

l Is the thermostat setting accurate?

The temperature within a room can vary. Room size, fireplace location, air flow, sunlight, wall type (interior vs. exterior), insulation, etc. all affect temperature. The fireplace setting may not match your home thermostat exactly. This is normal. Try different thermostat setting on your fireplace until you find one that is right for you.

l How do I turn off the LED backlights?

The backlights turn on with the flame effect, and can only be turned off with the remote control.

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